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Protecting Your Rights After A Car Accident

It’s unfortunately very easy to make a costly mistake in the aftermath of a car accident. Evidence can get lost or misplaced. A conversation with an insurance representative can jeopardize the size of a settlement offer. Whether you have suffered from slight or serious injuries after a crash, you owe to yourself to focus on your recovery and let a legal professional handle your car accident claim.

In Chicago, motor vehicle accident victims and their loved ones turn to Albrecht Law Offices when they need compassionate and effective representation. Attorney Robert Albrecht has secured impressive wins for clients in challenging circumstances. He is the assertive, accomplished legal ally that you want by your side when you are trying to hold drivers and insurance companies to account.

How Attorney Albrecht Can Help You

Even if you believe that your car crash case is straightforward, you should consider contacting an attorney for assistance. Robert Albrecht knows how the claims process and the legal system works in Illinois. His knowledge can make a significant difference in the outcome of your matter.

As a client, you can be certain that Mr. Albrecht will take steps to:

  • Avoid the deceitful tactics that insurance representatives use to limit the payout accident victims receive
  • Ensure that your case is valued appropriately to cover current and future damages
  • Identify all parties responsible for causing the accident that led to your injuries
  • Build a strong case using compelling evidence from eyewitness testimonials, crash scene documentation and other sources
  • Address problems when they first arise and adjust his legal strategy to account for these issues
  • Assert your interests in negotiations or in Illinois courtrooms

Representing yourself in a car accident claim can be stressful. When you are recovering from your injuries, you should make your rehabilitation a priority. Allow attorney Albrecht to take your legal burden off your shoulders.

He has the skill required to win complicated cases and the genuine concern you desire when you are facing an overwhelming time. Whether you are taking action against a drunk, drowsy or distracted driver, you can depend on him to pursue all avenues to obtain a fair result.

You Do Not Need To Face The Legal System Alone

Get sound counsel from a proven Chicago lawyer at Albrecht Law Offices. You can reach Mr. Albrecht and begin the conversation by filling out the contact form or by dialing 312-983-7000.