Using The Law To Make A Difference, One Case At A Time

Using The Law To Secure Justice For Abused Elders

When a senior enters a nursing home, it is expected that they will receive professional medical care from an attentive and well-meaning staff.  Most of the time they do, but there is also the dark side of the industry, where seniors are not taken care of and suffer physically and financially as a result.

If you find your family in this situation, contact Albrecht Law Offices to discuss your options. Attorney Robert Albrecht has secured favorable results for clients throughout Chicagoland who have suffered from injuries caused by reckless, careless and negligent actions. You can depend on him to handle your case with the urgency and skill it requires.

How Attorney Albrecht Can Help

If your parent or someone you care about is in a nursing home, there may come a time where you are concerned about their safety and well-being. If this happens, you should call an attorney to investigate what can be a very sensitive situation. Attorney Albrecht has experience handling cases of nursing home abuse and can put that insight to work for your family.

Attorney Albrecht is qualified to help you in matters that include:

  • Suspected physical abuse. Very often, people seek legal help because they see signs of abuse. When a loved one in a nursing home is suffering from regular and unusual bruising, sores, and welts, or if they are losing weight rapidly or complaining of how they are being treated, you should call an attorney right away.
  • Suspicions of caregiver fraud and other forms of financial exploitation. It is all too common for seniors to be taken advantage of by their caretakers. Horror stories abound about seniors who have had their bank accounts cleaned out and assets liquidated at the hands of those expected to care for them. If you learn that your parent or another loved one has been giving money to caregivers or that their belongings are suddenly missing and their bank account shrinking, you should seek legal help.
  • Concerns about the future. While focused on cases of abuse, a nursing home lawyer can also help you create plans for their future care, taking steps to ensure that they will be safe and well cared for.

These situations can be painful to uncover and difficult to resolve. Attorney Albrecht recognizes the delicate nature of elder abuse cases. He treats all of his clients compassionately because he knows that they are confronting a difficult time.

The Steps Involved In Building A Claim

When you hire an attorney, the first step is investigative. Any concerns you have should be looked into, and very often, this requires requesting information and gathering evidence.  Albrecht Law Offices has the tools and resources to fully understand your case in order to determine what is truly took place.

Establishing a strong claim takes time and dedication, especially when victims have problems remembering or articulating their experiences.  Having an attorney means you will not have to handle matters on your own but will have an advocate fighting for the rights of someone you care deeply about.

Are You Concerned About A Loved One In A Nursing Home?

Albrecht Law Offices can assist you by ensuring that your parents or loved ones remain safe and secure.

If you have the slightest suspicion or verifiable proof that something is amiss, call 312-983-7000 or send an email to schedule a free consultation.