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Recent Victories

At Albrecht Law Offices, we handle many cases involving various types of personal injury claims, such as car accidents, uber/lyft accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidentson-the-job accidentsslip/trip and fall accidents (premises liability)medical malpractice, nursing home, dog bites. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and their families. The following is a list of some of our most recent victories:

$2,250,000 – 2021 settlement was obtained for a passenger in a car that was involved in a rollover automobile collision in Berwyn, Illinois.  The passenger sustained degloving injuries to her right arm requiring extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.  Albrecht Law Offices was able to obtain this result providing future medical treatment and future income for her and her family.

$965,000 – This 2018 settlement was achieved on the first day of trial for a woman that tragically lost her pregnancy due to an intersection-related car crash.

$725,000 – 2019 result was achieved at mediation for a man that developed an infection in his foot after an unlicensed technician punctured his skin during a pedicure. The combination of uncleaned equipment, uncleaned water, and multiple violations of basic sanitary and safety requirements led to severe and permanent injury.

$350,000 – This 2018 settlement victory was achieved at mediation for a father and daughter involved in a high-speed, head-on car crash.

$350,000 – 2017 result for a woman involved in a collision with a truck attempting to cross five lanes of traffic.

$300,000 – this 2021 result was won for a passenger after his Chicago bus driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck a street light pole head-on.  This was the largest settlement out of the 20 other passengers on the bus.

$250,000 – 2021 policy limit settlement was achieved for injuries a man sustained when he was hit by a car crossing mid-block.  The case turned after Albrecht Law Offices obtained black box data from the vehicle showing that the driver’s speed was 30 mph over the posted speed limit.

$189,500 – 2019 result was achieved prior to the start of trial for a bicyclist that sustained a knee injury requiring surgery due to a limousine driver negligently opening his door into the bicyclist lane.

$160,000 – 2020 result against a Chicago-area hospital was achieved at mediation for negligence that occurred during an IV iron infusion procedure.

$156,000 – 2018 result achieved at a pretrial conference involving a trip-and-fall after a subcontractor left debris on the walkway outside of an exit door.

$125,000 – 2020 victory against a retailer for a display shelf that toppled over on a customer.

$110,000 – this 2021 result was $10,000 in over the automobile insurance policy limit and was obtained for a woman struck by a motor vehicle in the crosswalk.  The facts of the crash were disputed but witness statements and squad car footage confirmed that the woman was struck in the crosswalk.

$100,000 – 2019 policy limit settlement was obtained for a passenger in a motor vehicle that involved in a head-on, high-speed crash because of another driver.

$100,000 – 2018 victory for a man that suffered a broken wrist in a car crash.

$72,000 – 2020 result achieved for a passenger in a motor vehicle collision that suffered a broken toe in a car crash.

$65,000 – 2019 result was achieved after a male nurse inappropriately touched a patient recovering from surgery.

$50,000 – 2020 policy limit settlement for a woman rear-ended by another driver because the other driver was reaching down for a water bottle while traffic in front of her came to a stop.

$50,000 – 2019 policy limit settlement for a pedestrian that was hit by a car.

Other Notable Results

$13 Million – Attorney Robert Albrecht second-chaired this medical-malpractice jury trial with a well-respected Chicago Trial Lawyer. The case involved a 16-day-old baby that died due to the negligent care rendered by the pediatrician, two nurses and the hospital. Click here.

$1 Million – Attorney Robert Albrecht second-chaired this medical-malpractice jury trial with a former Chicago Trial Lawyer heralded as a “Titan in the Courtroom.” This two-week jury trial proved that the defendants deviated from the standard of care during the delivery of an infant.