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Zealous Representation Of Sexual Abuse And Assault Victims

For victims of sexual abuse and their loved ones, it can take a lifetime to heal the emotional and mental scars caused by the abuse. While it is impossible to change the past, there are steps that sexual abuse victims can take to regain their power and hold the responsible party to account.

In Chicago, the legal team at Albrecht Law Offices aggressively represents victims of sexual assault and abuse. Attorney Robert Albrecht will use his extensive experience to tirelessly pursue justice for you, whether you are taking action against a religious institution, private organization, an individual or another party.

Designing A Team Around Your Case

When you partner with Mr. Albrecht, you can be certain that he will use all resources at his disposal to build a strong case. Attorney Albrecht will retain area specialists who know how to present compelling evidence in court that supports your side of the story and undercuts the version of events proposed by the other side.

“When our law firm works on a sexual abuse case, we employ expert psychologists to interview and evaluate the victim. This helps us understand the nature and extent of the sexual abuse and gives us an idea as to potential damages.” – Attorney Robert Albrecht

In order to present an effective argument, Robert Albrecht will thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding the sexual abuse to search for all responsible parties. In addition to the actual abuser, an additional defendant may include a hospital, nursing home, day care center, school, or other Illinois organization that allowed the abuse to occur due to unsafe conditions, insufficient background checks, poor hiring and safety practices.

Meticulous, driven and skilled, attorney Albrecht knows how to create a strategic plan of action that secures the full compensation that you deserve for your emotional, psychological and physical injuries. Do not hesitate to contact him to discuss your matter and learn more about your options.

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If you or a loved one was the victim of sexual abuse or assault, a lawyer can help you receive justice and hold the responsible parties financially accountable. You can reach Albrecht Law Offices at 312-983-7000 or via the online form.